Exhibitions in 2014

    Weather Weed

    Sarah Burwash

    Nov 06, 2014 - Nov 30, 2014
    NO FOUNDATION, Toronto, ON

    Katharine Mulherin and Penelope Smart present the premier Toronto solo exhibition of work by Sarah Burwash.

    Weather Weed is a selection of watercolours, collage and ceramics that explore representations of the wild, women, and their workings.

    Situated in non-specific yet decidedly natural landscapes, Burwash depicts female figures – alone and in groupings - experiencing the spectrum of life: creation, destruction, rest, play, curiosity, sorrow, exhilaration, and death. These figures are masters of their domain, and there is evidence of camaraderie, competition, and teamwork. Despite Burwash's explorations of ritual, order, routine and social stability, these are not scenes of rural utopian fantasy. Burwash's human landscapes appear as outlying settlements in which the artist researches the realm of physical experience, including but not limited to, struggle, hard work, and failure. Casting aside emphasis on female physical perfection and prescribed behaviours, these human figures achieve grace and beauty through displays of physical feats: weight lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, and tumble training, in combination with intimate demonstrations of emotional fragility and strength. Each detailed exterior scene explores the actions and consequences of a willful life force.

    In Weather Weed Burwash brings together a selection of two and three dimensional works that act as narrative tales of sweat and tears as well as tokens of encouragement for capturing the trophy without fear of victory.


    Women On Diving Board

    Alexandra Beriault and Shannon Lea Doyle

    Sep 04, 2014
    Leonard Gallery, The Art Gallery of Ontario

    Women on Diving Board is a three-hour durational performance, drawing on the recurrent image of the female diver in the paintings of Alex Colville (1920-2013). The female figure in Colville’s work is based on Rhoda, his wife and muse of 70 years. Often-pictured in 1950s-era bathing suits, swimming, diving or sunbathing, “Rhoda” is both a catalyst and anchor point of objectification and empowerment. In Women on Diving Board, Toronto-based artists Alexandra Beriault and Shannon Lea Doyle create a three-way exchange between themselves, their viewer and their image through the action of emphasized looking. Eternally on display, and on the cusp of diving, Beriault and Doyle engage an atmosphere of eerie stillness and suspension of time echoing the hyper-real surface of Colville’s paintings. Facing away from their counterpart/companion on opposite ends of the re-contextualized diving board, the artists use their audience's gaze as a conduit of information about the experience of their double/self. Women on Diving Board sits within the continuum of each artist's individual practice of exploring dependency, separation, trust and failure.

    Curatorial Research Assistant, Alex Colville

    Alex Colville

    Aug 23, 2014 - Jan 04, 2015
    Art Gallery of Ontario

    The Art Gallery of Ontario presents more than 100 works by Canadian icon Alex Colville (1920-2013), marking the largest exhibition of the late artist’s work to date. Curated by Andrew Hunter, the AGO’s curator of Canadian art, the exhibition honours Colville’s legacy and explore the continuing impact of his work from the perspectives of several prominent popular culture figures from film, literature and music.