Exhibitions in 2015

    Name Me Prairie

    Jeff Bierk, Sarah Burwash, Brette Gable, Patrick Hunter, Jamie Macaulay, Esther Simmonds-MacAdam, Danika Vandersteen and Stacey Collrin

    Jul 24, 2015 - Jul 26, 2015
    MARKET + PICNIC, Interstellar Rodeo, Edmonton, AB

    New and recent work by Canadian artists and makers.
    Displayed on site at Interstellar Rodeo.

    artists include:

    Jeff Bierk (Toronto, ON)
    Sarah Burwash (Cow Bay, NS)
    Stacey Collrin (Toronto, ON)
    Brette Gabel (Toronto, ON)
    Patrick Hunter (Toronto, ON
    Jamie Macaulay (Montreal, QC)
    Esther Simmonds-MacAdam (Toronto, ON)
    Danika Vandersteen (Halifax, NS)

    Photography by Yuula Benivolski.


    Mind the Gap

    Zachary Cummings

    Jun 05, 2015 - Jun 28, 2015
    NO FOUNDATION, Toronto, ON

    Opening Friday 5 June 2015, 6-9PM, NO FOUNDATION, 1082 Queen Street West, Toronto

    Premier Toronto exhibition of Brooklyn-based painter Zachary Cummings.

    Mind the Gap (analogies for impossible desires)

    A new body of work by Zachary Cummings concerns the transparent picture plane and its relationship to meaning, surface, and mark.

    There is awareness in these paintings that a great gulf exists between renderings of ancient structures as they once appeared, and their ruins that exist in the present. The expanse of time that elapses between original construction and eventual ruin is formless and empty; time constitutes a negative space.

    In Mind The Gap, Cummings allows the distance between the past and the present, a painted mark and its shadow, to come into focus. In the paintings, light travels through markings on glass that recalls Greek or Roman ruins. The light casts shadows of line and shape against the wall. The viewer cannot look at the shadows on the walls without first encountering the bright colors and contours of painted marks on the glass. Emphasizing the incommunicable as a component of what is communicated, the imagery exists somewhere between the deconstruction of the world and the creation of a language to depict that world, even if its depiction begins in ruins.

    Text by Tony Iantosca.

    Zachary Cummings was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He received degrees in both studio art and physics from Louisiana State University (2011). Cummings holds an MFA in Visual Art from Rutgers (2013) and works primarily in painting. His most recent body of work includes works of oil on glass that explore the relationship between the image and its shadow.



    Jon Claytor

    May 21, 2015 - May 23, 2015
    87 Wade Ave #302


    Our days are dull, and spent waiting for the age of affordable space travel: that time when we’ll be able to reach out and rub the galaxy. There are so many adventures to be had among the stars and the strung-together monsters that live there. In the daylight maybe you’d call them lies, but everything shifts when the thousand eyes of insomnia settle in: gulls become owls, gin becomes medicine, mice satisfy. Snakes the size of submarines don’t slither: they guide the way and guard the gate. There’s a certain glamour to it. And alarm: what drunk spaceman ran over that rabbit, its leg gone crooked, lying in its gigantic starry grave? You can get away with anything up there.

    When dawn claws its way over the constellations we shrink back to the skeletons of royalty. Like someone sucked the riches out of us, with only the paintstrokes of good posture and shreds of velvet left behind. We will wait out the daylight again, fill it with pretty chores, bake bread full of olives and self pity – that overwhelming taste of salt. Wait again, and watch, and wish for darkness.

    Text by Lindsay Bird.

    Opening Thursday, May 21 2015 6 - 11 PM

    featuring performances and readings by: Ian Roy Erin Orsztynova Michael Feuerstack Kappa Chow

    with thanks to Kronenbourg 1664.

    Curatorial Research Assistant, Alex Colville

    Alex Colville

    Aug 23, 2014 - Jan 04, 2015
    Art Gallery of Ontario

    The Art Gallery of Ontario presents more than 100 works by Canadian icon Alex Colville (1920-2013), marking the largest exhibition of the late artist’s work to date. Curated by Andrew Hunter, the AGO’s curator of Canadian art, the exhibition honours Colville’s legacy and explore the continuing impact of his work from the perspectives of several prominent popular culture figures from film, literature and music.