Exhibitions in 2017

    The ordinary place is sufficient

    Stephanie Weirathmueller and D'Arcy Wilson

    May 06, 2017 - May 28, 2017
    The Dayroom, 177 Water St, St. John's, NL

    The ordinary place is sufficient
    new drawings and etchings by Stephanie Weirathmueller and D'Arcy Wilson

    The Dayroom
    177 Water St. (third floor) St. John's, NL
    7 May - May 28 2017
    Closing reception Friday May 26th 5-7 PM

    (a pre-party for the EVAs)

    "I name the plants, I name the fish, and every name to me feels triumphant. Every leaf and quick fish remarkably valuable. This ordinary place is sufficient. Everything here is touchable and mysterious."
    -Alice Munro

    The Dayroom is pleased to present new work by Stephanie Weirathmueller (Fredericton, NB) and D'Arcy Wilson (Corner Brook, NL). In 1974 The Weekend magazine supplement published an essay by Alice Munro titled "Everything here is touchable mysterious." Munro writes about a river in her hometown called the Menesetung, known as the Maitland. The river flows through what she calls the non-part of town. She describes a wild flood in the spring and a childhood belief in deep holes at its centre. For Munro, a riverbed is a place, a thing, a recollection with distinct life and worthiness. As she walks alongside it, or as she revisits it in words, it is the Maitland's quality of familiarity that overflows into parable. A small stretch of river can provide whatever myths you want. Wilson's etchings of wilderness as isolated groupings of trees, shrubs and flora are studies in finespun taxonomy and apologue. Weirathmueller's charcoal drawings ask quietly after family, places and objects distilled through the soot and gauze of personal meaning. Like Munro's riverbed, these images bring forth a sense of wonder in the concealed by never straying too far from what is known and nameable.

    ~Penelope Smart, The Dayroom